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 "[export_xvid4.so] No libxvidcore API4 found"
After building Xvidcore 1.0.2 you will end up with the library 'libxvidcore.so.4.0'. Transcode 0.6.14 tries to dlopen 'libxvidcore.so.4' (among other possible names, but it won't explicitly try 'libxvidcore.so.4.0') as it tries to start encoding xvid4. If your system's dlopen function doesn't load libxvidcore.so.4.0, simply create a symbolic link pointing libxvidcore.so.4 to libxvidcore.so.4.0 (ln -s libxvidcore.so.4.0 libxvidcore.so.4). This should not be a problem on most systems, but if you get the above error and you know you have libxvidcore installed, this is a perfectly workable solution. [hmk]

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