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Video Audio RGB YUV YUV422 multiple instances processing type frames needed
yes no yes yes yes no PRE 2


fieldanalysis scans video for interlacing artifacts and detects progressive / interlaced / telecined video. It also determines the major field for interlaced video.


Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

interlacediff Minimum temporal inter-field difference for detecting interlaced video (1.0-oo) [1.5]

unknowndiff Maximum inter-frame change vs. detail differences for neglecting interlaced video (1.0-oo) [1.5]

progressivediff Minimum inter-frame change vs. detail differences for detecting progressive video (unknowndiff-oo) [8]

progressivechange Minimum temporal change needed for detecting progressive video (0-oo) [0.2]

changedifmore Minimum temporal change for detecting truly changed frames (0-65025) [10]

forcetelecinedetect Detect telecine even on non-NTSC (29.97fps) video

verbose Output analysis for every frame (0-2) [0]

outdiff Output internal debug frames as luminance of YUV video (see source) (0-11) [0]

Usage Examples

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