What are the Best Cheap Gaming Mouse?

Gaming mice becomes necessary for the gamer for a better gaming experience. There is a high demand for the mice in games, especially in games like call of duty, where the mice’s most elevated role. Mice help you to better focus on the game. And you can easily target your enemies with the help of the mouse that increases your points in the game.
You can better explore the game’s quality features through mice and can use all the features efficiently at appropriate time and space. In the action games, there is an enormous contribution of the mice throughout the game.so, mice become a necessary item for the gamer for playing the games.

But trying to find gaming accessories on a budget can be quite challenging. With the ever-increasing popularity of computer gaming, adding quality products to your arsenal without breaking the bank is difficult.
But do not be depressed; there are many affordable products available in the market you can buy for gaming. Now it is possible to find affordable gaming products with excellent performance. When budget is an issue, it might compromise some features and not access some quality features. You might not get the search full wireless design or RGB lighting . But still, if you are looking for the best gaming products that’ll suit your needs without breaking the bank, there are few options.
After visiting the multiple platforms, I have just prepared the list of the best cheap gaming Mice.
Best cheap gaming mice
Following are the list of best affordable gaming mice
1. Logitech G300s
2. Razer Death Adder V2
3. Razer Viper Mini

Logitech G300s
If you are searching for the best affordable price for gaming, then G300 is the best choice for you. It offers many of the quality features.

It has an optical LED sensor.
There are nine programmable buttons on the top of the frames.
Mice have onboard memory through you can save the rate of CPI in the mouse.
Feel comfortable in either hand and best for the gamers who do not want a large mouse.
Tracks accurately on a wide variety of surfaces and is tunable to achieve the responsiveness that you desired.

You can buy it for just $34 from Amazon.com.

Razer Death Adder V2
Probably you must aware the Razor is the top competitor in the market, and they are producing many of the gaming products that are good in the quality.
The mouse has somewhat five standard looking buttons with a black rubberized outside coating.
16000 DPI
Provides connectivity of wired USB
Extremely comfortable Mice
Innovative button response technology used in the Razor Death Mice that is incredible.
You can buy Razor Death Adder just in $69.99

Razer Viper Mini
Razor viper mini is the best gaming mice that is the coast efficient, and this is the best gaming mouse that is the best use with a fingertip grip.
Razor Viper Mini is a Very lightweight form factor
Synapse 3 supports complex macros in the Mice
It supports 16.8 million RGB color combination.
It suits best for the left and right gamers.

You buy Viper Mini in $80 from Amazon.

source: The 9 Best Cheap Gaming Mouse for 2020

What are the best wireless mouse?

Anyone who spends their maximum time of the working day in front of a computer can give you a better opinion about the impact of choosing the right mouse for the work?. And the same for the keyboard because both tools would be necessary for the practical usage of computers. Nowadays, there is a great importance of wireless products because wireless products create easiness for the customer.

There is a high demand for the wireless mouse in the market because the wireless mouse does not need a typical wire for the connectivity with the computer. A Wireless mouse automates the connectivity; you connect the mini USB with the computer that created the wireless connection, and the mouse can start operating in the given range. In this way, wireless mice replace the traditional wired mouse and break the barrier.and now people enjoying while using the wireless mouse.

In the initial phase, people complained about the wireless mouse because the initial wireless mouse products are not as good as possible. Over time, manufacture improves the quality of the products, and now it replaces the traditional wired mouse. And it becomes the most popular product among all the gamers, and they know how much it’s essential for them.

But the selection of the right product for the right environment is the most challenging task for the gamers. Gamer was confused about which product is most vital for them or not because many of the companies selling the best mouse for the customer .so, we make the best wireless mouse for our customers’ easiness.

Best Wireless Mouse
Although it’s a more challenging task for us to select the best product among all the best categories, we are mainly focused on the quality of the products while choosing the best wireless product.

Following are the list of best wireless mouse that you can buy

Logitech MX Master 2S

Master 2S is a sublime wireless mouse offering the comfort, accuracy, and features.it support fan-favorite use styles and sensitiveness with an adjustable keenness ranging from 200 to 4000 dots per inch.
However, one of the best features of Logitech is that it provides multi-device support for the users. It can create pairs with up to three devices at once, switch between them at the touch of the button.
With the support of the unifying receiver of Logitech and Bluetooth technology, you do not even need to transition the wireless receiver. And this is the best wireless gaming mouse that you can buy just in $78 from Amazon.

Microsoft Surface Mouse

Microsoft already has a great name in the market, but Microsoft comes with unique products with quality features. The surface mouse mainly focuses on the surface owner, who wants a little more functionality than the standard touchpad. Surface Mouse is equally capable on any system you select. It’s elegant ergonomics, streamlined, and, most importantly, lasts up to one year on two AAA batteries.

But there is an issue of the compatibility of the surface Mouse. Mainly it’s compatible with window 8.1 and window 10. Surface Mouse is the best wireless mouse you can buy just in $34 from Amazon.

Source: The 9 best wireless mouse for 2020

All You Need to Know About Tv Streaming Services and Devices

Streaming is a mechanism in which distribution of media content is done from source to the destination; in other words, you can say that streaming is the receiving media content on your computer using the internet. Data in the form of the packet available at the server-side. When someone requesting to the server to get access to that data, then the server sends the data that available in the form of packet send in the sequence to the client who put a request of that data to the server. The client receives data that the server sends to it from their side in the same sequence, which already defined by the server. The client needs a strong internet connection to receive continuous streaming of the data without any interruption, which required a dedicated bandwidth.

Streaming technology made it possible to deliver or receive the data anywhere, anytime from all over the world. Streaming provides the data to the soul who can travel anywhere in the world where the need for the media content. You can say that streaming is a beam of the light that enables the static data to travel over the network without any resistance. Before the invention of streaming technology, people suffer a lot that creates frustration among them because they desired the accessibility of the data at their place, which seemed impossible at that time. But streaming technology helps the accessibility of data to users at their place. The original form of Tv streaming starts in 2010 in the name of smart technology, which gives the accessibility of media content on your machine. But YouTube is the first organization that provides the legal permission of live streaming of Tv over the internet and can watch the TV program.

Encouraging factor is while using the Tv streaming is that you can use it simply, which required technical knowledge to use it along with a healthy connection of internet, which provides access to the data which we desired to watch in the form of videos or music. But what are the most encouraging factors while using tv streaming technology, which creates a great impact on society so, let us discuss what the benefits of using Tv streaming are.

Benefits of TV Streaming?

There are numerous benefits of using live streaming services for the broadcasting of your event in an efficient manner with a variety of contexts, including the promotion of serves and live announcements. companies in the world use the Tv streaming services for the maximization of better customer relationships with their customers and the community of their partners.

High-Quality Streams

it seems to be difficult to achieve a high-quality stream by using your own server services. For better streaming quality, you need a robust infrastructure with quality CDN. CDN is a content delivery network that makes it possible to achieve the quality video streaming of your media content, and it provides the facility with the distribution of the content using their own services. When you are providing the streaming content to the users, you must ensure that your stream works perfectly and functioning consistently without any technical errors. So the first thing is to select a better content delivery network for your media content as Netflix uses the AWS content delivery network, which is the best CDN in the market.

Wider Audience Potential

TV Streaming service allows users to watch videos from all over the world without any limitation of Geographical or size constraints. The TV streaming facility opens the door of new businesses around the world, and companies after developing the website offer their content on the website, and customers worldwide watch the content that results in companies earning a profit. For example, if you are hosting the Oscar award and you do not add the streaming services in the event, then the limited person who is present in the event can access to your content, but if you add the streaming service, then all the communities across the world have access to your media content which increase the viewership in a result your organization earns more.

Richer Content Use

Live streaming service is not restricted to live videos and audio streaming services, but you can use an array of content including pictures and live chat the same as happens when you are using Instagram or fakebook, which provides the facility of comes live on the screen. Different types of methodologies of presentation you can access by using Tv streaming.

Ease and Convenience

A myth about the using of streaming service is that it is difficult to use it because the technical knowledge is necessary to use it. You only need the relevant tools necessary for the usage of services; an average person who has a little knowledge about it can easily handle it. It is very easy to use it, and if you feel any problem while using it, then read the prescription carefully, which guides you step by step.


the utmost benefit of using the Tv streaming service is that it is the coast efficient and not expensive too much, and many of the companies also provide the free trial services to their users for better customer satisfaction. The average price you pay for the service is $25 to $35, which is not too expensive for the users who already used the traditional service.

Completely Ad-Free

While using the other traditional service, the running of the Add is necessary, which creates an interruption for the users that breaks the flow concertation. But using the Tv streaming service, no add can display on your screen, and you can enjoy the Tv streaming services without any interruption.

Mobile viewing

The majority of our protentional users were not enjoying the live streaming. But now all of our potential users can enjoy the services of live streaming on the mobile. And many of the organization like Netflix provide an app for their users.

The discouraging factor is that while using the Tv streaming service, the media is only available online, and you can not access the data offline. This limit access to those users who do not have the potential connection of the internet, and they cannot enjoy the streaming services at their device. There is a chance of losing your financial and personal details while buying the subscription of streaming service. So, be careful while buying the subscription and assure the organization is trustworthy about which services you are buying.

Why subscribe to a TV streaming service?

Entertainment at home has become more essential more than ever because every person who is sitting in the home need entertainment either you or your family. The majority of humans think that they cannot survive without entertainment and nowadays it is becoming more difficult to spend more time with friends due to the hectic routine of the work. But when we finish the work then we miss our friends which made our time pleasant than at the time, we need entertainment that prevents us from getting isolate so, many of the companies to enrich our isolation create an opportunity for us to self-entertainment by watching your favorite shows on the internet. Now we are not getting bored because entertainment is available to us all the time just one click away from us.

Every streaming provider has its own powerful content for the entertainment of the users so, you must choose to select according to your interests, and content is the king with the subscription of streaming services. If you’re interested in watching the season over the internet, then buy the subscription of Netflix or another similar kind of service. Amazon Prime, Netflix is the Best streaming provider who is offering their unique content with quality services.so, it is necessary to buy one of the streaming services for our entertainment.

What Type of Tv Streaming Services Available?

There are multiple kinds of streaming services available in the market to facilitate the users by viewing the interests of the users, and each streaming service provider has its own set of features that distinguish them from other service providers. Every streaming service organization’s common objective is to provide the best streaming facility to their users without any interruption. But the customer’s services of any service providers are not the same; some are the best, and others come on average depending upon the customer experience of enjoying the service.

Following are the list of different kind of Tv streaming service which are available in the market

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Disney+
  • Sling TV
  • AT&T TV
  • Apple TV
  • Fubo TV

In a market, there are many streaming service provider available for the users and almost every organization claim their services are the best then in this situation it becomes difficult for the users to select the best among all the services so,

  • To choose the best streaming provider for you, please follow the given instruction
  • Select that streaming provider who meets your expectation
  • Please read the reviews of the public feedback to choose the streaming provider service.
  • Choose the streaming provider that has coast efficient
  • Before selection of the streaming providers read the prescription carefully, which would be given on their website.
  • Assure that the streaming service which you select is offering the best quality features for their users

What are the 4 best TV streaming services?

Almost every organization in the market offers the best quality features to the users according to their capacity, but I have selected some of the best online service providers for our audience to make it easy for them to select the best service provider. After searching on multiple platforms about the best streaming service provider, I ‘ve made the list of 4 best streaming providers.

Following are the list of best-streaming providers

  • Disney+
  • Amazon prime video
  • Fubo Tv
  • Netflix
  • Disney+

Disney+ is the best streaming provider you are looking for that provides you the streaming of your all-time favorite National Geographic, Marvel, and Star Wars. You can enjoy the streaming service of Disney+ just in $6.99 monthly

Amazon prime Video

Amazon, the name of the trust who offers the best streaming facility to the users and access to the Amazon streaming service, you need to create an Amazon account whose fee is $8.99 monthly. In recent years Amazon’s focus is to develop high-quality original shows.

Fubo Tv

for any cord-cutting sports fan, Fubo Tv is the perfect choice for online service, and you can enjoy the Fubo service in just $54.99 every month.


Your all-time favorite, one of the best streaming providers in the market, is Netflix, which offers you the best content on their website. If you heard about the Money Heist, that is also the production of the Netflix.

for more services information take a look at this article on the best services for tv streaming

What are the 4 Best TV Streaming Devices?

a streaming device that allows the facility to run the streaming content on your device, which has a built-in ability to connect itself with a service provider using the internet, so let us discuss the best streaming device for streaming service

Apple Tv 4k

This is the best streamer for the apple users who can enjoy the streaming service on it. It provides a 4k seamless Tv experience on all Apple devices.it provides ultra HD content with just in $180

Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

This is the best streaming device you are looking for, which is fast and least expensive along with the Alexa stick voice remote through you can control the entertainment. It is the more reliable device you can buy just in $39.99

Roku premier+

This device is more affordable which support the 4k Video, and this is the regular premier media streamer which you can buy in $96.80

Nvidia Shield Tv pro

Nvidia offers the 4k resolution with HD streaming, and it is designed for those users who prefer their streaming with the strong side of gaming. The device is specially designed by keeping gamers in mind.

What is Video Transcoding

Video Streaming is quite ubiquitous in the present day. With the aggressive advancement of internet speed over the globe, the demand for watching videos on the interest has risen up many folds. To observe it, you don’t need to read stat reports, Simply notice the behavior of folks around you.

Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook are the top examples of it. Whether we want to watch the latest news video or funny videos for boredom, it has become our second nature to pick up our smart-phones and visit video streaming websites.

Moreover, live tv channels are adopting this trend and instead of broadcasting their transmission through separate cable wire, They have started moving their services through the internet.

Video Streaming has really changed the way we get entertained and it influenced our behaviors too. It brought entertainment to our hands and we can access it in a matter of seconds with even our smart-phone wherever in the world we live.

But did you ever wondered how all this happens? In order to understand the process of video streaming, you need to educate yourself with encoding, decoding, and transcoding. In this guide, we will explain what actually happens under the hood when you watch video streaming on the internet. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Video Encoding involves a process in which the raw information from an input device like a mobile camera, webcam, or any other is converted to a digital format so it can be accessed later. For instance, When you are recording a video on a smart-phone and after recording it you save it on your mobile gallery, the encoding process is in action under the hood.

Moreover, The digital file created with the process of encoding has all the information regarding the video. It has video details like resolution, frames per second, compression ratio, and meta-details. Various devices use a different set of settings for encoding their raw videos. Most video recorders have the capability for capturing video at 4K resolution while the other uses full-HD resolution.

These sets of settings including the compression ratio are known as codecs. The most popular codec is H.264 and widely popular among video streaming due to its high-quality video quality and efficient compression.

Video Transcoding is a process that involves decoding the video, making changes to its attributes like resolution change, or putting a logo watermark on it. And in the final step encoding the file in the digital format again for accessing it later.

Commonly, Video Transcoding is used for altering the video. For example, if the video has 4k resolution but the device where you want to watch the video does not support such type of resolution, you need to transcode video to a lower resolution so the video can be watched.

We will discuss more applications of video transcoding in our next article.